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If you have questions about your website or logo design for your business, simply pick a time from the the calendar here. Or, scroll down to read some of the most common questions business owners have about a new website.


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Do you have a checklist I can use to prepare for my website?

Absolutely! We want you to feel totally confident in planning for your next website. In fact, no need to sign up for a newsletter or enter your email address. Simply click here to download a PDF or click here to download a Word Document format.

We also recommend our free Minimalist Marketing Strategy [PDF] here which will help you get super clear on your website & marketing pan.


How long will my website last for?

While website technologies have drastic changes every 2-3 years, a beautifully designed, modern website can actually last 10 years. We aim to design websites that will withstand the test of time by using the best technologies, the most flexible design methods, and design your website to look beautiful and timeless. We have Clients using the same website as far back as 2010. We also send our regular email updates to let you know about major changes in the online marketing industry.


How often will I need help with my website after it is launched?

The average client of ours only needs 1 to 2 hours of help per year from us. That is because we design the website to be very easy to manage, as well as show you how to easily change text, images and other website elements. But we are always available to help with complex changes if needed.


Will I be able to add more projects, pages and blog posts after my website is finished?

Absolutely! The website is completely flexible so that you will always be able to add more photos, project and other pages as needed! We try to make the website as flexible as possible for you to use and grow in the future!

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Will I own my website or will JPW Design Studio own it?

The website would be yours forever. We would not own it at all. But you will have to pay a $18/month website hosting fee to keep the website up. But that would go to Squarespace, the hosting company, and not us.

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Will I be able to edit my website on my own?

Yes! We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to edit your own website. Click here to see an example of how easy it is to edit your own website.


Can i also get a splash page up of my website?

Absolutely. As part of any new website we do for you, a temporary splash page design is included for no extra cost if you’d like an online presence as quickly as possible. Just let us know if you’d like that included! Click here to get pricing for your website.


Can I include my instagram social feed on my website?

Absolutely! We will help get all of that set up properly for you to nicely integrate your social media feeds and photos with the website. Click here to view an example of how the social media typically looks.


Can I get help setting up or transferring my domain name, hosting & email address?

Definitely! We will help take care of all the logistics for anything related to your domain name, web hosting and email address. In fact, it is one of the most complex parts of the process, so we want to help you out as much as we can in any way possible.

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Can SEO be included in my website?

Absolutely. We include SEO keywords and integration on all pages of your website based on your unique niche keywords that differentiate you from your competition.


How many design concepts & revisions are included?

We do things differently and do not limit the number of revisions for your website. We want you to be completely and totally excited about your website when it is finished.


Are there any monthly fees for the website?

Yes! There is a $18/month fee from Squarespace for hosting your website, which goes directly to Squarespace. Also, yearly domain names typically cost about $20/year, and email from Google Suite is $6/month per user. All of those are third-party companies, and none of it goes directly to JPW Design Studio.


What Website platform do you build with?

We only use Squarespace because our client satisfaction rate with Squarespace has been extremely high compared to other platforms like WordPress. If you are a interior designer, architect, custom home builder, therapist, accountant or other service professional, we highly recommend Squarespace over any other platform for your business.


What Other Services do you provide?

We aim to be experts at what we do, so our primary service is Website Design. We can also help with logo design, copywriting and the selecting of photography that is either sent from your photographer or find stock photos for you. We also have a network of other professionals that we can connect you to as well.

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Will the website be Mobile Responsive?

Yes! We start out with designing the desktop version first, fully and completely. And then at the end, design the mobile website. We find this process is the most efficient and results in the highest quality website possible so it looks great on phone and tablet devices.


How many pages, projects or photo should I include on my website?

We actually recommend as few pages and photos as possible. The reason is because most of your visitors will only look at 3 or 4 pages of your website, or only just a few projects. Simple is always better and more effective.

What will a new website cost?

It mostly depends on how complex and large the website will be. A website can range anywhere from $500 USD for a simple one page website, to $50,000 for a fully custom e-commerce website. We aim to make your website as well-designed as possible to fit within most small business budgets. Click here to get pricing now.

is it difficult to maintain a new website?

It depends on the website platform you decide to use. Newer technology, such as Squarespace, Wix or Weebly is more user-friendly. While WordPress has more complex functionality, but requires a lot more maintenance. We use Squarespace because it is a great balance of customization and ease to maintain, and our clients have been the happiest long term with Squarespace.


Is Squarespace or WordPress better?

It depends on your industry. For creative or service professional businesses, such as interior designers, architects, therapists or accounts, Squarespace is a great platform. If you require a very complex website for things like customer databases, complex e-commerce websites or interactive software, WordPress is a better option.

Is it worth having a custom website designed?

It depends how far along you are in developing your business. If you’re just getting started, it’s likely better to get your first few clients, get photos taken of your work and develop your business first. Once you’re in a position that your business is growing and you need a professional look, that is a better time to have a professional design your website.


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