Minimalist Website design

Beautiful, minimalist website design can be the determining factor in setting your business apart from your competition. With so many other businesses having no clue how to use marketing, branding and web design properly, we can easily help your business establish itself as the leader in your niche market. While our expertise works best for businesses in custom home building, architecture, real estate, interior design, furniture, ecommerce retail, photography, artwork, food, wine, & catering - we work with just about any kind of business that appreciates simple, elegant and minimalist design. Our goal is to build you a website that will actually benefit your business by capturing more clients & customers, and drive more sales.


how the web design process works


Discover your business goals

First, I want to understand what your business does, where you need to improve, and what methods you've used in the past that have worked to drive new customers and clients. I want to make sure your website will address everything it needs to in order to be as successful as possible and answer all your initial questions and concerns about creating an online website.



Put together a Design & Marketing plan

After an initial discuss, we'll talk about all the options and pieces your website needs to have in order to be an effective marketing asset for your business. Once the overall scope is figured out, we can get started on the actual web design & development process.



Create a beautiful website in squarespace

I like to use Squarespace for all small and medium-sized businesses because it allows your business to be flexible as you grow and change. I'll do my best to touch base every couple days to show that your website design is moving forward. My goal is to create a beautiful & effective website that you can start using for your business as quickly as possible.



Teach you how to use & grow your website

Once the project is complete, I'll teach you how to update text, images and blog posts, and what to look out for in the future when growing your business. A website can be an ever-changing marketing tool, and a lot of it you'll be able to do on your own so that you can use it to grow your business as much as possible. We can also discuss the next steps for your website, such as putting together an email campaign, SEO & online ad marketing plan.


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