JPW | Certified Websites

Here are the 9 phases you can expect during the website design process


1 Review Your Goals

Our design team will ensure we’re on the same page for your business goals to build the perfect website for you. We will listen and execute on your vision.


2 Collect & Design Assets

We’ll collect your existing logo, copy & photos (or design your logo design and write copy, if desired), and help in any way possible to take care of the details.


3 Website Design Concepts

We’ll then design numerous concepts for your review. We want you to be completely happy with your website, so the number of design concept revisions is unlimited.


4 Website Design Build

Once you’re happy with a concept direction, we’ll continue to build the rest of the site. We’ll also continue to work on design ideas & refinements along the way.


5 Initial Training

Next, we’ll train you and your team on how to log in and start editing your new website! We’ll also answer all your questions about your website & marketing.


6 Beta Launch & Domain, Hosting & Email Setup

We will take care of launching your website and all the logistics. We’ll use this phase to prepare a Beta Launch for your web hosting, domain name and email addresses.


7 Final edits, revisions & Review

Our entire team will do a full review of your website to make sure things are 100% perfect. We’ll also answer your questions and make sure everything is perfect!

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.22.48 PM.png

8 Launch

Finally, we will launch your website so you can start promoting it and start attracting the right kinds of clients to your business!

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9 Final Training & Support

We’ll record a final training video for you and your team, and continue to support you and your business in the future! We want to see you succeed! So let us know if you have any questions about marketing and website optimization.


How can we serve you better?

Is the process not going as good as it possibly can? We’d love to know. Write or call him directly at 949.464.8478 or use this form below to send your feedback to Justin Page Wood, our design team leader.