Luxe Standards

These Luxe Standards form the foundation of what we at JPW Design Studio hope to accomplish for your business. It is incredibly important that the work we do not only looks beautiful, but will truly become an asset to your company.


We commit to promptly, fully and professionally complete your website and marketing with a simple, elegant design that will show your work beautifully and help attract ideal clients to your business.

Design Values

  1. Always create beautiful design

  2. Always be thorough & complete

  3. Always collaborate with the team for solving unique problems

  4. Always answer questions & educate the Client

  5. Always be enthusiastic

  6. Always allow for enough time to properly design

  7. Always thank the Client

  8. Always let the Client know what the next step will be

  9. Always acknowledge Client requests promptly

  10. Always seek to understand the Client’s goals

  11. Always see the Client’s humanity and individuality

  12. Always take care of yourself

  13. Always recognize the Team & Clients for excellent work

  14. Always find ways to make the Design Firm work better

  15. Always find ways to make things for the Team & Client as simple as possible

  16. Always seek to learn new things

Our team work ethic

  • Our team is self-reliant & independent

  • Our team is hard working, but takes frequent quality & rejuvenating breaks

  • Our team is always learning & gracious when receiving feedback

  • Our team is helpful, understanding & collaborative with both our clientele and other team members

  • Our team is respectful & kind to our clientele and other team members