Logo Design Agreement

Our goal is to establish your firm as a leader in your industry through a beautiful logo design & branding.

How it Works

Step 1 | Sign this Agreement
Review this agreement and sign at the bottom if you agree to the terms.

Step 2 | Pay Deposit
Once you sign, you will be taken to a new page to pay a simple $300 USD deposit.

Step 3 | Logo Design Concepts & Revisions
We will then go though a logo design process of 8 initial concept designs, and 8 rounds of revisions to reach a final design concept.

Step 4  | Pay Final Payment in 2-3 Weeks
The second & final $300 payment will be due when the logo design is finished, which typically takes about 2-3 weeks.



We’ve designed hundreds of logos for businesses throughout the world over the last 8 years. So we know what kind of things to think about when designing the right kind of logo.


Simple, elegant and minimal design
The more simple a logo design is, the more likely it will work well for printing, websites, signage, embroidery and other marketing. Simple logos are less expensive, they can work well with a variety of designs, and they withstand the test of time. We will work to create a beautiful, elegant and long-lasting logo design for your business.


JPG, PNG, AI & EPS logo files
These 4 file types are the most essential for using in the future for your business. You will receive print-resolution & web-resolution files of your logos. JPGs are typically used for Social Media. PNGs are used for some printing projects & website designs. And AI & EPS files are sent to printing companies for high-quality printing on various print projects & signage.


Ongoing support
If you ever have any trouble or questions about your logo design, branding or files, feel free to get in touch at any time for help or questions. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use your logo files. 


Free business card design, font selection & color scheme
As part of the logo design process, we offer a free design of 1 double-sided business card with your logo, which includes font selection, color scheme, and layout design. 


other branding & marketing services

Once your logo is complete, we are available to help you move to the next step. Our team can help with these areas on other projects at a later time.


Website Design in Squaerespace
Your website is the most important marketing tool you have to grow your business. Once you're ready to move forward with your website, we are available at any time to give you clear and easy pricing. We use Squarespace for all website designs so that you, the business owner, are in control of editing the photos and text of your website. For basic website edits, you wont need to rely on a web developer for every little edit.


You likely already have your own great photos to work with. We can also help find free stock photography for your business. If you need additional custom photography work, we can help with product photography or on-site photography, or refer you to photographers we have worked with that are located close to you.


MailChimp or Email Marketing
Ongoing email marketing on a weekly basis is crucial to growing your online business.  Email marketing is one of the highest ROI marketing you can do for your business. We can help you with ongoing email marketing in the future, once your business is ready for that next step.


Google Ads & Facebook Ads
A great way to reach new customers effectively is with online marketing with Google Ads, and then Facebook Ads at a later time once Google Ads are optimized properly. This is ideal only once your website is up and running and capturing new leads effectively. We can help set up an Ad campaign with 30 days of optimization to drive more traffic to your website.


Comprehensive SEO & Blogging
One of the last things we recommend your business focuses on is regular blogging on a weekly basis to increase the SEO value of your website. We typically consult on how to do this effective for you in-house, and can teach you and your team the most effective ways to blog and get more SEO visibility.


Ongoing Design & Maintenance
If you ever need help in the future, we can help on an hourly basis with smaller items. The average business typically needs no more than about 4 hours of help on small items from our team each year. The Principal Designer works on an hourly basis for clients at $180/hour or Design Assistants at the rate of $90/hour.



JPW DESIGN STUDIO | Luxe membership

As a client of ours, you will receive an exclusive Luxe Membership once your project is completed. Luxe members get the following perks for being a client of JPW Design Studio.

10% Referral Commissions
If you ever refer to us colleagues, friends or family for their own logo design, website or marketing project, you will get a 10% referral commission. Commissions typically range between $100 and $600 USD on average.




Work Made for Hire
After your final payment is made in full, you will obtains all rights to use the Logo, design concepts, and related development files indefinitely. JPW Design Studio does not claim to own any of these designs once they are paid for in full. However, we would love to showcase the final design to other business owners if you give approval.


Designer’s Office Hours & Availability
JPW Design Studio works on a regular basis, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm, Central Time, excluding major U.S. Holidays or for emergencies and occasional Holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, Birthdays & Anniversaries. The Design Firm will not be regularly available on evenings or weekends, except on rare occasions. However, we will do everything possible to ensure clear and constant communication throughout each work week, during normal business hours, via email and phone, and will provide adequate warning of when the Designer expects to be unavailable on particular days.


Work Performed Outside the Scope & Website Maintenance
Any work that was done outside of the scope of this agreement or done after the completion of the Website shall be paid weekly on an hourly basis immediately after such Design work has been requested. This work shall be billed at an hourly rate of $180/hour for design work performed by the Lead Designer (Justin Page Wood) and $90/hour for all assistant designers on a line-item and detailed basis. The Client may request Change Orders or request a quote to expand the scope of this agreement. The Designer shall submit fixed-fee or hourly estimates based on the Client’s requests for scope changes or additional work.

Once you are ready, click here to sign this agreement. Or if you have any questions, please email contact@jpwdesignstudio.com or call 949.464.8478

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