How To Capture More Leads On Your Interior Design Website

With your interior design business, you can be a lot more creative than other businesses in the way you capture leads on your website. 

Your clients are looking to you to provide creative solutions. Not only during the interior design process, but during the entire experience - from inquiring first about services and well beyond the final finished product. 

One of the most effective ways I have found to capture more interior design leads is by using multiple ways to interact on your website. Most of your clients want to see your work on your website, but you then need to provide them the "next step" to take.

The more resources and interactions you can create, the more likely someone will engage with your website and end up getting in touch with you.

Here is a list of ideas I've used for interior design websites that have increased the amount of ways clients engaged:

- Fill out a project questionnaire
- Download our pricing
- Schedule a free phone consultation
- Schedule a free in-studio consultation
- Take an interior design quiz
- Download our interior design process sheet (PDF download)
- How to prepare for your interior design project (PDF download)

These are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless, and they should specifically address the unique way that you do business.

With multiple ways for your clientele to engage on your website, the more likely they will try out 1 or 2 of them. And that means, they get to become more familiar with the way you do business. 

If you just stick with the standard "Contact" page on your website, this is old, boring and unclear to your clients. They need you to give them the information they need in order to pick the right interior designer. And the more educated your leads can become about your way of doing business, the more likely they'll pick you over someone else.

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Should You List Your Interior Design Prices?

If you have flat-rate prices, you may be tempted to show those prices on your website, so people know what you offer. After all, it seems transparent, right?

But you are giving away valuable information to clients and your competitors if you do this.

That’s why I recommend you make your prices available only if someone offers to enter their contact info, for the following reasons: 

  1. It ensures you capture some info from clientele so you can follow up directly via email or phone

  2. It prevents some of your competitors from gaining that knowledge (they don't need to know) 

  3. If someone is super serious, and truly want to know your prices, they'll enter their info - which means they're a better lead for you

This way, you can say something like:

“For our interior design pricing, enter your email address below”

Once they enter their email address, you can follow up more with more detailed information and capture them as a client.

About This Free Interior Design Marketing Course

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We’ll cover these major topics in this course:

  1. Effective website design

  2. Effective email marketing

  3. Effective ways to capture new leads & interest

  4. Clarifying your interior design marketing strategy

  5. Identifying who your ideal interior design clients are

  6. Developing a process for capturing inquiries and convert to clients

In this course, I will be revealing the techniques I have used for hundreds of other interior designers, and nearly a thousand different businesses over the last 9 years.

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Interior Design Marketing Stratgies

Instagram is a fantastic way to get your interior design work out to the world. But it is only step one in the entire marketing process.

As an interior designer, you must lead your clientele one step at a time between these 3 main stages:

  1. Discovery

  2. Inquiry

  3. Commitment

Most of your clientele from Instagram will be in the “Discovery” phase. This means, they are just barely getting to know about you and your company, and are likely not even interested in doing an interior design project. They just heard about you, and that’s it.

Over time, if they continue to follow you on Instagram or Facebook, they may eventually jump to the “Inquiry” phase, where they will begin to ask you questions or become interested in your interior design services. But this rarely happens unless they’re a raving fan.

To do a better job and getting more “inquiries” you need to get your clients on an process which actively helps them along the way and get them to the “Commitment” phase, which means they commit to doing a project with you.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The initial discovery. Allow potential clients to discover you on Instagram, Facebook, friends and family, or email marketing to your immediate contact list.

  2. Capture their email address. Capture their interest with some sort of engaging tool on your website, like a Project Questionnaire, Quiz, Test, Free Phone Call, Free Interior Design Consult, Schedule A Meeting, Ask Project Questions, Ask The Designer, or any other creative idea you can come up with.

  3. Start the process of inquiry. Once you collect their email address, they enter the “Inquiry” phase. This is where you can answer all of the common questions your clients have like timeline, pricing, process, style questions, contract questions, how the shipping process work, how design concepts work. This should be an email series of many, many emails over time. Usually, about 3-4 in the first week, and then spacing it out every 3-5 days thereafter. Some clients will jump on board fast, others will commit within several months, or even a year! Keep at it, though.

  4. Ask for a commitment. After 2-3 weeks, ask your email list to commit to starting their project. This will lead to more inquiries, questions, and discussions, but the more clients can get comfortable with you and your business, the more likely they will commit.

  5. Continue the process between emails and your website. Most clients wont convert on the first ask for a commitment to a project. It’ll be several more weeks and marketing cycles, but keep at it. Email marketing and converting clients on your website is one of the most effective ways to capture business for your interior design firm.

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