Why Squarespace is better for your interior design SEO than WordPress

There is a misconception on SEO that WordPress is the best for Google Search optimization.

10 years ago? Yes, for sure.

But these days, WordPress doesn’t have many advantages any more for being the best for SEO - at least not for your small business.

Over the years, Google has changed their algorithms to focus on quality design and content. 

If you have WordPress right now, how much traffic are you currently getting from Google Searches to your website each month?

If your website has these problems, WordPress is probably not the right platform to stick with:

  • Is your website SSL/HTTPS secure? Go on Google Chrome and look for the Lock symbol.

  • Is your website 100% mobile responsive? Meaning, no design errors on a phone or tablet.

  • Do you blog all the time or update your website regularly? Or is WordPress to annoying to bother and try, and you have to hire a web developer all the time to do it?

  • Is your website nice, simple and clean? Mostly look for your buttons and links? On mobile, is it easy to click buttons without hitting the wrong link? Google doesn’t like cluttered, hard-to-use websites!

Here’s why Squarespace works just as good, if not better, than WordPress for SEO on your interior design website:

  1. Google looks for quality content, meaning the words you use are most important, which can be done on any website! Squarespace is more minimal, clean and beautiful, and is easier for your interior design team to manage with new blog posts or portfolio pages.

  2. Google looks for good mobile responsive design and SSL security, which is inherent in Squarespace (it’s free to turn on SSL where as with WordPress you have to hire someone to do it!)

  3. Google likes clean, minimal design, with as little clutter as possible. They actually have robots which measure how large your buttons and links are to ensure easy of use, and not too much information. They know good design means people stay on and use your website. Squarespace inherently addresses this problem.

  4. Google no longer looks for hacks and keyword stuffing. This was common 10 years ago, but was overused by web developers, so they focus instead on quality rather than quantity of words. Again, minimalist design wins in this situation again. WordPress sites are usually cluttered and ugly. 

  5. Blogging on a weekly basis is the most important thing you can do for SEO. My clients find that Squarespace is faster and easier to post new content, so they use it more often than WordPress. 

Those are the main reasons I've seen that Squarespace is actually better for SEO when you are a smaller interior design business, because it takes care of all these issues on their own and you don't have to spend a ton of money managing and getting all these things right on your website. 

A note to web developers:

Look, I know all you web developers are going to argue this way and that why WordPress is better for SEO. You love your clients paying you tons of extra money for SEO audits that really don’t result in any new business for your clients. And you’re stuck in the old ways of SEO, with making sure you have at least 500 keywords on each page, with all your Green Lights flashing with your Yoast SEO plugins. And you’re adding h1 tags, and h2 tags, meta tags, alt tags, and filling out meta descriptions and all that good stuff. But, guess wha? You can do that all on Squarespace!