Should You List Your Interior Design Prices?

If you have flat-rate prices, you may be tempted to show those prices on your website, so people know what you offer. After all, it seems transparent, right?

But you are giving away valuable information to clients and your competitors if you do this.

That’s why I recommend you make your prices available only if someone offers to enter their contact info, for the following reasons: 

  1. It ensures you capture some info from clientele so you can follow up directly via email or phone

  2. It prevents some of your competitors from gaining that knowledge (they don't need to know) 

  3. If someone is super serious, and truly want to know your prices, they'll enter their info - which means they're a better lead for you

This way, you can say something like:

“For our interior design pricing, enter your email address below”

Once they enter their email address, you can follow up more with more detailed information and capture them as a client.