Should interior designers & architects use the StoryBrand framework?

The problem interior designers & architects have, is lack of focus on what their marketing message should be.

If you look at most architecture or interior design websites, they all have the same content. Usually, a super simple website with just a few photos, logo and navigation.

But they don’t tell you what their unique niche is, who their ideal customer is, what their unique or primary service is, and how to interact or take the first step on their website.

There are 3 things you need on your website

When designing a website for an Architect or Interior Designer, I recommend that you focus on 3 primary things to get your messaging clear on your website:

  1. Clearly explain the primary service you offer. Not just architectural design or interior design. Get specific. Super specific. Such as “Modern architectural design for large families in Seattle.” Think about it. If you do good work for that kind of client, then when they read that super-specific statement (large families in Seattle who love modern architecture), you’ll probably get every single one of those clients because you spoke directly to them.

  2. Explain your unique offering, approach or selling point. If there are multiple residential modern architectural firms in Seattle (which there are), then you need to explain why you are either better or different than them. If you have the fastest design approach, if you take care of everything for them, or include them in every step of the process, or are the most affordable, then differentiate yourself by explaining your unique difference.

  3. Explain how your clients can take the very, very first step in working with you. Most interior designers and architects have no Call To Action other than “Contact.” But this is way too vague. You need to lead people to get in touch with you, in a very low-key way. Such as: Take a project questionnaire, schedule a free phone call, schedule an appointment at our studio, take a project quiz. Anything that gets people to interact with your website in a very easy first-step kind of way.

I get these techniques from 2 of my favorite business authors: Don Miller from and Mike Michalowicz.

The Storybrand framework was developed by Donald Miller at - so credit goes to them for this information. His point of view is that people are draw to “Story” because it gets rid of all the extra unimportant information, and leads people step by step, from point A to point B. For instance, your clients aspire to have a new home to enjoy with their family, but they don’t know how to achieve it. So they come to you, who has experience in modernist interior design and can help them reach their goals with a clear design plan and strategy when ends in a beautifully designed home! Your website needs to tell a story which is super clear, super focused, and gets rid of all the un-important information.

The second is from Mike Michalowicz, who wrote my all-time favorite business book, The Pumpkin Plan. This book is about focusing on your unique offering, to a super specific type of client that you thrive in working with. Instead of trying to do all kinds of interior design projects for all kinds of interior design clients all over the world. figure out which clients you work best with, which work you love doing most, and focus in on that niche. Once you figure this out, you can apply the “StoryBrand” method to your website and business.

Here’s an example of how to do this for your own business

For example. I design websites specifically for architects and interior designers. I found that my interior design and architect clients were the most happy. I loved doing the work for them. Their websites turned out awesome. It has been a natural fit. So I updated my website to reflect this. I focused all of my marketing, blogs and emails specifically to architects and interior designers. Their is an instant connection, and we’re more likely to do business with each other.

Apply these methods to you own business.

By the way. Want a proposal for website design & copy creation for your own business?