How to use your interior design website to vet clients

As an interior designer, with all the things that go into a successful project, you don’t have the time to take on the wrong types of clients - the ones that don’t get you. Or the ones that don’t fit your approach to interior design.

An online questionnaire or form on your interior design website, or creating an interior design consultation form can help you vet clients, so you’re only pursuing the projects that are worth your time.

Here’s a video explaining on how to build an effective project questionnaire or consultation request:

Here’s how to do it:

How to make an interior design consultation form effective for vetting clients:

  1. Ask questions that help you know if they may be a good or bad client - Base these questions on your experience. Do they need to like a certain style, re-design a certain number or rooms, have a minimum Square Footage requirement, or live in a certain city or state? Include that in your form.

  2. Make the form long enough to deter tire-kickers, but short enough that it’s not exhausting. Somewhere around 7 form fields is a good length.

  3. Don’t let anyone just email or call you. This way, you’re using your time effectively. Once they fill out a form, and you determine they are a good fit for you, then invite them to schedule a call or a meeting.

Your time as a business owner is value. Every moment you spend building your interior design business in the right way, will compound over time to building a better, stronger, more efficient business - doing the work you love for the clients you love working for.