How to find your next interior design client

As an interior designer, you know that not all clients are good clients. In order to run an efficient interior design business, you must first identify who your ideal client is, and discover the right ways to reach them through marketing and networks that your ideal clients spend time at.

Here are 6 ways to find your next, ideal interior design client:

These tips come from Gail Doby. Read the full article at Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting

1 | Identify who your ideal client is
Identify at least 5 characteristics of the clients you are trying to reach, otherwise you’ll probably attract anyone and everyone as your next client.

2 | Find ways to reach your ideal clients
What do they live? What is their family like, the activities they enjoy, charities they support, or community activities in which they are involved.

3 | Set up a regular plan for press releases and social media posts
Announce things like new hires, promotions, community involvement, design-related tips that spotlight your firm, seasonal tips, etc. Remember to focus on media platforms that appeal to your ideal client.

4 | Ask for referrals from your current and past ideal clients
Once you have your ideal client and marketing plan in place, reach out to clients for referrals, have a plan in place to thank them for the referrals.

5 | Establish a professional network
Connect with a few real estate agents, financial advisors or other professionals to establish a connected network that you enjoy working with.

6 | Engage in your community
Identify where you will most likely interact with your ideal clients and get engaged then regularly be involved in those community activities.