How to ensure a successful results for your interior design website

Imagine choosing the wrong design firm for your new interior design website. All of the time, money and effort spent trying to get it right, only to see it fail. 

This happens everyday to countless interior designers and architects. With so many amateur and unfocused web development teams out there, and lots of misinformation in podcasts, blogs and books, there's a high probability that you'll choose the wrong path for your website. 

Here are 3 steps to take to ensure your next website design is a success:

1 | Choose a website design team that understands your specific industry
Every website is different and requires different technologies. It's like a heart surgeon trying to perform surgery on the brain. They are not equipped for the job! Hire an website firm with experience in the interior design industry, or an Ecommerce development firm for your online store. 

2 | Cast a vision for the final results
Tell your web designer examples of other websites you really like. This sets realistic expectations between both parties to ensure the result is successful, rather than leaving the final results to a guess. View examples from our portfolio for ideas on interior design or architecture websites.

3 | Figure out what you'd ideally like to have on your website
The more detail you can provide a web design team, the more accurate their proposal will be, and the less likely there will be frustrations by either party. Figure out how many total pages you'd like to have, how many portfolio examples or ecommerce products you'd like, and any other unique items like a blog, podcast, private login or other unique features.

Get a proposal for your next website design project by filling out this website design questionnaire.