How many projects do I need for my interior design website?

A lot of interior designers worry that if they don’t have enough projects on their website, it will make them look unexperienced.

However, this is definitely not the case! There are a few reasons:

1) Most people who visit your website only look at 1 project. They skim your website within 3 minutes or less on a Desktop computer, and 1 minute or less on a mobile phone. So most people don’t even look at all your projects.

2) If you’ve done a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom for just 1 house, most people will not know that it is all the same project, since usually all the rooms look a little different anyway. Put them all into 1 page and mix up the order, and you’ll look like you’ve done a lot more than just one project! Even just professionally photographing your own home is enough to make people inspired.

3) There is a lot more to your website than just the photos. If you clearly describe your unique niche, how you solve problems, your services, and how to request pricing, most people won’t spend too much time looking at all the photos. You only need about 5-7 stellar photos (even from just 1 project) to make an impression.

Here are 5 websites that have only 1 or 2 projects on their website. As you can see, they still look impressive!

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