Email Marketing Strategy for Interior Designers

First, most businesses in the interior design industry don’t bother to do email marketing. They mostly stick witch social media.

Second, email marketing is more effective than social media. People take their emails more seriously for decision making, while social media is more for ideas and inspiration.

So if you’re not doing email marketing for your interior design business, you’re probably losing clients.

Email marketing is an effective way to engage your clients and get them familiar with your unique approach.

An interior design campaign through emails should not be all about you, your press releases, the awards you won. That makes your clients think your business is all about serving yourself.

Instead, it should be an opportunity to show how you and your clients are the right fit for each other. That you understand each other, and that it will be a good collaboration and mutually beneficial.

You should explain the following in some of your email marketing, one piece at a time:

  • The process your follow when doing an interior design project

  • What your clients can expect during the process

  • How do determine if you’re the right fit for each other

  • The opportunity to take a project questionnaire or to get pricing

  • Answer common questions your clients have about interior design in general or your unique approach

  • Showcase some before and after or client testimonials to show successful projects you’ve done before

  • Call your clients to action and make a decision to work with you

These are just a few ideas. And the great thing about email marketing is that you can keep trying over and over, every few days, and get better at it over time.

Just like people post social media on Instagram regularly, you should not be afraid to try email marketing on a regular basis. Somewhere around intervals of 3 to 10 business days (Or every 1 or 2 weeks).

Email marketing is an important part of your interior design marketing strategy that you shouldn’t ignore.