Better Interior Design Marketing | Step 2 - Show Proof

50% to 80% of your website visitors go straight to your interior design portfolio before looking at anything else.

Look at your analytics. The vast majority do not look at your Press, About, Blog, Testimonials or Services pages. 

That's because your clients really only care about seeing successful projects you've completed for real clients.

To make a more powerful Portfolio section on your website, or for your social media or press marketing, here's what you need to do: 

1. Always show your absolutely best work first.
Don't present it in chronological order. Almost 100% of visitors to your website only look at the first 1st portfolio example you give them. 

2. Pair your Portfolio section with some sort of real-life proof that the work was truly done successfully.
Show a photo of your client, with a testimonial, and put Press articles regarding that Portfolio example directly on the Portfolio page (not on a separate Press page, because no one clicks that). 

3. Ask visitors if they want similar results on their own project.
Most interior designers leave their Portfolio pages blank, which leads to no sales unless you give them a clear path to take action. Instead, ask your visitors "Do you want to see the same results with your own interior design project? If so, request a free project proposal today." And link to your contact form. 

This is ultimately what your clients want to see. Proof of real success stories you've accomplished for your clients, paired with beautiful photos.