Start-Up your etsy shop by learning from our failures & successes

"Etsy Intro" is a 36-Page PDF Handbook covering topics on how to get started, what to think about, what you need to learn, and lots of stories about many of our past failures and successes on Etsy.  "Etsy Intro" was written for Etsy Sellers who are hesitant to get their Etsy Shop or first business started. 

- The Two Most Important Things To Know About Etsy
- What to Sell on Etsy
- Product Development
- Offering Customized Services
- Product Photography
- Etsy Keyword Basics
- How to Market & Promote your Etsy Shop
- Other Means of Income Outside of Etsy
- 6 Common Etsy Seller Myths
- Getting Your Etsy Shop Set Up
- Stories About Our Many Failed Etsy Shop Attempts