Etsy & business mastermind workshop

This mastermind group is for Etsy Sellers and business owners who are serious about scaling their business. In this group, we will be criticizing your business model to set it up for scaling and growing. Not just in Etsy, but in other channels as well. In order to qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

- Have at least 500 sales on your Etsy Shop, or a business with over 50 previous clients
- Sell items which are not printable, or low cost (less than $25 USD per item). It’ll be difficult for you to scale a business with cheap items.
- Must be fluent in English. This group will be conducted only in English.
- Must be willing to improve your business model. This is not a group to validate what you are doing, but instead change and improve it.
- Must be prepared to take your shop beyond Etsy, or especially grow if you already are selling outside of Etsy

What this Mastermind will include

- 4 group phone calls / skype calls to discuss as a group
- Book reading of at least 4 business books. Be prepared to read daily and discuss weekly.
- Assignments for you to take action on each day. You must be prepared to work hard each day.
- Accept criticism from me (Justin Page Wood) and other team members on how to grow your business
- 30 days of intense work. Lifetime access afterwards to a group discussions and support.
- Tools and resources for growing your business and scaling, project management, communications.
- Tools and techniques for hiring employees.

Cost: $900 USD
Deposit to reserve your spot: $450 USD
Spots available: 9
Begins: Feb 15th, 2019

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