Create an effective Website & Marketing plan

Business owners need to be in charge of their marketing in order to grow effectively. That's why I am offering this extensive online course to help you learn how to optimize your Squarespace website, create effective Mailchimp marketing, and integrate SEO to get more web searches on Google. 



Optimize Your Website

Learn how to build & develop an effective Squarespace website for your business. Ideal for small businesses in the service industry or to sell simple products.


Capture emails

Learn how to use Mailchimp to set up effective email marketing campaigns to drive clients & customers back to your Squarespace website, as well as optimize your website to capture more email addresses & leads.


Grow with SEO

Learn how to use your blog, portfolio & website pages on Squarespace to drive more traffic from Google Searches to capture more leads, clients & customers.


This course is ideal for business owners, starting your own business, web design & marketing professionals, those seeking certifications in Squarespace & Mailchimp




Who teaches this course?

This course is led by Justin Page Wood, who has designed over 600 websites for businesses through out the world, and has been professionally designing websites, email marketing, branding & SEO for 8 years professionally. Learn from one of the most experienced web designers who actually focuses on business growth through websites & online marketing instead of web technology and coding.



Grow your online business

Without a professional website & online marketing strategy, your business will die. Retail businesses are closing throughout the world. Only strong online brands will survive these huge changes. Sign up today and you and you entire team can take the same course to learn how to use your website as an asset for your business to capture more customers & clients. Request an invite.




3 Months

(3 payments over 3 months)


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