I’ve recorded this video for you to share some ideas on how to make your next website more effective. Let me know if you have any questions! - Justin


The 4 Steps to build a beautiful website

Below is the process we’ll go through to build the best website so you can show your work beautifully.

Design Concepts & Collect assets

We’ll put together concept design ideas and get your feedback.
We’ll also collect or design your logo, copy and photography.

Feedback & DESIGN revisions

Once we settle on the right design, we’ll go through edits & revisions to perfect the entire website.
You’ll also be able to see the progress of your website over time.

Training & final preparations

As we refine your website, we’ll invite you to learn the backend, add social media accounts & pay for web hosting.
We’ll also take care of properly connecting your domain name and email addresses.


Finally, we’ll prepare your website for launch and announce it to the world!