Positions Available:

  1. Website Design Intern, part time

  2. Client Advocate, part time

We help businesses grow & improve their company through the design of beautiful websites. We work exclusively with interior designers, architects, home builders, doctors, accountants, lawyers, therapists and other professional service businesses. We are a small company looking to give our clients an amazing experience. Being in business for over 9 years, our team knows what it takes to build beautiful websites and we want people who are willing to listen, learn, and grow with our company using our proprietary in-house process. We are a virtual office company, which means we have no central office. It is very important that you enjoy working where you work best and holding yourself accountable to get stuff done. We trust you to know what environment helps you to work more productively. So if you want to work at home, or a co-working space, or other office space, or even outdoors, we want you to be where you are most efficient. We also want you to work mostly during normal business hours (between 6am and 8pm your time), which means we will not expect you to stay up late or work on weekends. The work is designed so that you can take breaks and keep your mind fresh & healthy throughout the day. We also want you to find personal growth and fulfillment from your career. So we hire people who want to grow, learn and listen. And we are here to help you achieve your long-term career & personal goals.

Our team is made up of people who are:

  • Self-reliant

  • Hard working

  • Open to learning & feedback

  • Helpful & collaborative

  • Respectful & kind

What we want from you:
We want our clients to have an amazing customer experience as we build their website for them. For this position, a positive attitude, willing spirit and strong work ethic are the 3 most important things we are seeking. Being on the phone, as well as responding to clients via email and text, will be an ongoing and daily task. You’ll also be trained on our unique process and systems to get websites done quickly, efficiently and professionally. We are here to train and teach you how to build beautiful websites. But we cannot teach you how to have a positive attitude and teach you to enjoy your work. So it is crucial that you are excited to work, learn, listen & grow.

Qualities you have:
- You enjoy helping businesses and their team
- You enjoy speaking to them on the phone, text & email
- You want to see others & their business succeed
- You enjoy learning & following step-by-step processes
- You are organized & motivated
- You enjoy working on the computer
- You enjoy working hard & seeing results
- You enjoy being detail-oriented
- You enjoy writing and keeping track of to-do lists
- You enjoy designing with text, images & graphics

Daily tasks include:
- Phone calls with clients
- Emails, texts and phone calls with our internal team
- Using project management software and keeping up with all tasks
- Using Gmail for email, calendars and documents
- Working with text in Word Documents or Google Docs
- Organizing images and files in Dropbox and Google Drive
- Designing and editing Squarespace websites
- Working with CSS, HTML, DNS and Email Setup as needed
- Select photos from client folders and stock images
- Uploading and downloading large images from the internet

Your Responsibilities Will Include:

· Assisting in working on numerous client websites daily
· Ensuring smooth and successful progress on all Client websites
· Interacting with Clients to ensure their satisfaction, and educate the Client in all ways possible.
· Communicating with the rest of the Design Team & Project Manager to ensure the Client’s needs are met and satisfied.
· Ensure that prescribed procedures are followed and will deal with Client complaints and listen to their feedback to improve service. 
· Will help recruit a team of professional and certified Designers & Project Managers committed to excellent service.
· Following and enforcing all rules and policies of the Design Team.
· Fostering a teamwork spirit within the Team.
· Anticipating the needs and requests of our Team and Clientele so we may provide proactive service at all times. 

Experience you have:
- Expertise and joy from speaking with people on the phone daily
- Effective communication with Team and Clientele
- Ability to present your work professionally with a positive attitude
- Working with a computer on a daily basis
- Experience using online tools like email, spreadsheets, text messages
- Experience with the latest online tools of communication and project management
- At least 1 year of web development experience, such as work with CSS, HTML, Domain Names, DNS records, MX email records, and similar tasks

Technologies we use:
- Google Voice for phone calls and text messages
- Gmail for email communications
- Squarespace for websites
- Asana for project management
- Photoshop for making minor photo edits
- Adobe Illustrator for designing logos
- Google Docs for writing & spreadsheets
- Dropbox for storing files
- Google Drive
- Google Calendar

If this sounds like the right fit for you, please fill out the following form & send us an email with the following: 
- A personally-written letter introducing yourself
- Call our office number to leave a voice message about yourself
- A PDF of your resume
- Please start your cover letter with “This is a job I will thrive in.”

Starting pay & hours:
- This position starts at 20 hours per week, and has the potential to move up to 40 hours per week if your performance and reliability continue to increase.
- This position starts is entry-level and is paid by the hour. You’ll have the potential to move up if your performance and reliability continue to increase over time.

After you apply, if you are approved, there will be an 18-step interview process to ensure you are the right candidate and this is the right position for you. This is crucial to ensure that we are the right company for you to work at. After that, you will be given training for 2 days prior to starting work to teach you our in-house process for all projects.


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