Position Available:
Customer Experience Leader & Web Designer

Our promise to our clients:
We help business owners show their work beautifully with simple, elegant design to attract their ideal clients.

The vision for our team:
To help each team member discover, learn & purpose the work they love

Our team is:

  1. self-reliant & independent

  2. hard working, but takes frequent quality & rejuvenating breaks

  3. always learning & gracious when receiving feedback

  4. helpful, understanding & collaborative with both our clientele and other team members

  5. respectful & kind to our clientele and other team members

The new team member we are looking for has most of these qualities:

  1. Loves to interact with others over the phone, email & video

  2. Loves to provide amazing customer service

  3. Loves to care about the details

  4. Loves to learn new things, especially in customer service, website design and online technologies

  5. Loves both design & providing a create experience

Technologies we currently use:

  1. Grasshopper for phone calls and text messages

  2. Gmail for email

  3. Gchat for internal team chats & video conferences

  4. Squarespace for designing websites

  5. Asana for project management

  6. Photoshop for minor photo editing

  7. Adobe Illustrator for designing logos

  8. Dropbox & Google Drive for storing files

Website technology & design you'll learn:

  1. Logo design

  2. Graphic design

  3. Business card design

  4. Website design

  5. Minor CSS coding for custom website styling

  6. Email design

More about the position:

  1. As a team, we work Monday-Friday

  2. Roughly around normal business hours

  3. This is a remote job, which means you can work from home

  4. You need to have your own computer and internet connection

  5. You need to be prepared to work every day of the week and be available

  6. Come with a positive attitude and willingness to learn

  7. The first 2 months includes daily training directly from our Founder/CEO

  8. You will work with 4 other team members in a single team unit of 5 people total

  9. You'll need to fit the culture and style of the team, but contribute your uniqueness

  10. We do daily 10-minute phone calls

  11. We do weekly 1-hour team members

  12. We do weekly 20-minute coaching calls (after the first 2 months is over)

  13. We're looking for someone who is prepared to commit to this position for at least the next 1-2 years

  14. We want you to develop your skills, interests and career goals with this position

What will happen during the interview process:

  1. You'll be asked to tell us more about yourself

  2. You will take a skills assessment test in both website design & customer service

  3. You will do an interview with our team

  4. You will do an interview with our CEO

  5. You will learn about the company values, mission, brand promises & design guidelines

  6. You will do a 1-week paid training session for 20 hours to see if this position is right for you.

Your responsibilities:

  1. Manage 10 website projects at a time

  2. Take on 5 new projects, and complete 5 projects every month

  3. Provide a first-class experience for our clients

  4. Use email, phone calls, video recordings and text for client communications

  5. Work as a team player drawing from all the unique skills and abilities of the team

Is this a job that sounds like you will love? Then:

  1. Write us a personal cover letter about you, your gifts, talents, interests, hobbies & family life.

  2. A PDF of your resume

  3. A link to any previous design work you've done

  4. A note saying "This is definitely the kind of work I would love to pursueā€¯

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