Minimalist Design Business | Course


Minimalist Design Business | Course


You are invited to join this exclusive group of approximately 10 to 15 Etsy Sellers. We will be supporting each other as we use Etsy to refine and build a sustainable business.

  • This course will be approximately 2 months long

  • Will include 1 or 2 live group discussions

  • Will include weekly audio, video and written topics

  • You are encouraged to engage, discuss and be part of this group

  • As a group, we will hold each other accountable for making progress

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  • Establish a unique, niche and purpose that sets you apart from all businesses

  • Remove items and costs that do not fit in that clear focus

  • Interview your best customers for insights on why they purchase from you

  • Focus in on the results to refine your business and attract more people like your best clients

  • Show success stories from your best clients using your products to build validation

  • Lay out a clear ordering process for both you and your customers and optimize the work flow

  • Using email marketing to build a sustainable customer base

  • Considerations when building your business website

  • Start building a network of other professionals that offer different services to your core niche

  • Recommend book readings along the way


  • They don't focus on a clear niche

  • They copy other Etsy shops and look like everyone else

  • They keep all sorts of random items on their shop

  • They do not interview their bust customers enough for more data

  • They do not collaborate with other networks to build a brand 

  • They do not build a sustainable business based on their existing customers