WordPress Is Bad For Small Business

In 2015, I stopped designing WordPress websites for clients altogether.

After seeing years of companies spend thousands of dollars on their WordPress website, only to see them crash and burn 2 years later, I felt like leading clients towards a WordPress website was unhelpful and cruel. 

There are several reasons WordPress websites are bad for small business:

  1. WordPress maintenance costs are high. Because WordPress allows you to develop tons of custom features, and is open source, it means that you must have a highly-skilled web developer at your side all the time just to make sure your website doesn't break, get hacked, or go out of date. For this reason, it's very expensive just to maintain your WordPress website.
  2. WordPress is extremely user-unfriendly. A couple of my clients per year will say they had no problem editing their website on their own. But for the 98% of all other business owners, WordPress is a nightmare to learn and keep using. A client will try to sit down for 1-2 hours to try and figure out how to blog, and give up and never use their site again out of frustration for how big the learning curve really is.
  3. Good luck trying to grow your business without tons of capital investment. Small businesses do not have thousands to spend every few months to optimize and update their website. If you're Wayfair, Facebook or Apple, you have millions to spend on optimizing your custom site and see a return on investment. But that's not so for most small businesses. Small businesses need to prove their concept and stay lean. So an expensive, fully-custom website is not a good business decision. Business owners need tools which are easy to use, and cost less to build and maintain. 

There are lots of reasons why WordPress is terrible for business. That's why I recommend Squarespace for small businesses. Because it's less expensive to get up and running, the maintenance costs are lower, and you can do a lot of the updates yourself. 

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