Why Minimalist Design Matters For Your Business

When email inboxes fill up on Monday morning or your mailbox gets stuffed with more credit card offers, it's easy for businesses to get drowned in a sea of marketing noise.

That's why minimalist design for your business matters. Imagery and text that is clean, clear, elegant & easy to understand is one of the easiest ways to make sure your business stands apart from your competition. 

Simple, elegant design is more memorable. It's easier to focus on. So when you help your clients & customers understand what your business does, and present it in a beautiful & capitvating way - it helps drive more leads, it makes it easier to capture email addresses, and it helps your business dominate your competition. 

Here are some of the top performing designs I have done for clients that people are remembering because of their beautiful, minimalist design.


Dixon Kirby is a design & build firm in North Carolina which creates unforgettable homes, and pairs them with stellar photography. Many of my clients remember this website for months after they see it as one of the most beautiful examples of timeless and simple design.



Loscar Numael is a landscape photographer from Puerto Rico. His elegant, minimal logo, paired with his strikingly colorfulyet simple photography is often unforgettable.



Carrie Hayden, an interior designer from Seattle, has a website so minimal and unique, visitors who stumble up their website can't help but browse numerous website pages at a time. The surprisingly simple, yet stunning website design keeps more people engaged on each page by 3 times more than the average interior design website. 



What I have found over the years of doing minimalist design for businesses, is that there is a lot more to it than just looking unique and different.

Simple, minimal design tends to engage people far better than websites, marketing or logos which clutter, confuse and distract people. The analytics from Google and other tracking tools have proven this. Which is why it is crucial that your business use simple, elegant design to simplify your marketing strategies, while both inspiring your clientele and helping them focus on the content you put in front of them. The same goes for other marketing material, like pop ups on your website, flyers in the mail, or online advertising.