What should your business name be?

In the age of Website searches, your name is an important part of the lead-generating process. If people can't find you in a Google search, or type your web domain name correctly, you will definitely lose business. It might only be 5% of your business, but that is 5% you should try to keep. 

The important areas to think when choosing your business name are:

  1. Is it easy to spell?  If people don't type your name correctly, you will lose business online.
  2. Is it easy to say?  If they can't spell it correctly, then they won't type it correctly.
  3. Can it be found on Google? If your company name is John Smith Company, then you will compete with 1000 other Jon Smiths. Find a name which has very few other people using on Google. No celebrities, no big businesses, no over-used common names.
  4. Is the name easy to remember? If the name is not memorable, if other people can't remember it later, you will lose opportunities. Test your name out with other people. See if others remember the name a few days later.
  5. Is the company domain name available? If your company name is "John Jacob Interiors" your domain name should be www.johnjacobinteriors.com. Names with & or Inc. at the end make things more confusing. Keep it as simple as possible.
  6. Is it easy to type? If your fingers get all jumbled together when typing the name, people will misspell it frequently and you wont be found on Google searches.

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