In what order should I build my website, branding, Marketing & Ads?

Building a business online requires making thousands of small decisions. It's almost like building a custom home, with decisions to make about what door handles, window trims, flooring and countertops to select. 

What's important when building an online business, is knowing the right order to create your marketing material in, so you are not overwhelmed with everything that needs to come together.

1) Website
Everything you do online needs to come back to your website. It is the home base for your business online. It is the most important marketing tool you have and the first thing that needs to come together.

2) Logo Design
While working on your website design, a logo & branding scheme needs to come together at its own pace. That is because your logo is something you’ll be using for years to come, so it should be done carefully.

3) Email Marketing
To keep your business contacts, leads and clients in a single spot, I recommend - Email marketing should be the first marketing tool you use for your business, to collect emails and market to the 90% of Americans who use email on a daily basis.

4) Yelp & Google Business
To get started on SEO, the two best places to get started are setting up a Google Business account & a Yelp Business account and start asking previous clients for reviews. This will help jump-start your visibility online. Another good place to ask for testimonials is on Facebook, but should be a distant third.

5) Blogging & SEO
Blogging & SEO go together. In my opinion, SEO is a very long-term marketing strategy that can take months before seeing results, so this is something you should plan to work on at least once per week for as long as you are able to blog.

6) Google Adwords
Once everything is set up and working well on your website and optimized, you're ready to start online Ads. Google Ads is the most effective advertising platform because it target specific keywords, rather than broad demographics like on Facebook or Instagram ads. 

7) Social Media & Facebook Ads
Most businesses start with Social Media marketing. Yet it has the lower return on time & investment compared with any other online marketing method. That's why we recommend you focus on it as the very last marketing method you work on.