What architects, interior designers & builders should know about the web design industry

Establish Your Niche & Expertise
If you’re an architect, interior designer, builder or photographer, don’t get lost in the crowd of every other professional. Specialize in a clear niche, that is very focused, so that your website speak to your ideal client.

Clearly State Your Primary Service
Don’t overwhelm visitors with everything you do. Focus on the 1 or 2 primary and best services you offer, the ones that draw people in for the first time, and capture their attention with your highest-converting, highest-margin services.

Address Your Client’s Primary Concerns
Clients are worried about hiring you. Are you going to get the job done? Do you have the right expertise? Are you going to be responsive each step of they way? Address their questions & concerns ahead of time, so that it makes it so much easier for your clientele to get started and hire you.

Create a ‘Call To Action’
Websites with the typical “Contact” page get lower conversion rates. That’s because it is too generic. Tell your clients the first step in getting started with you. Do you offer a free 20 minute phone consultation? Do you offer a free in-person consult?