The most important pages and content for Architecture, Interior Design, Builders & Photography Websites

You are trying to plan for your website, right? Because every business needs a website to display their most professional work.

I have you covered.

The three most important pages on your website are:

  • The home page

  • Your portfolio

  • Your contact page

Why? Because that’s what your clients want to see. They want to see your work, and they want to see if you’re the right fit for their project.

95% of visitors look at these 3 pages only. The other pages are often skipped over. People are pressed for time. They want to make a decision on who to hire. And they’re looking at 5 or 10 of your competitors. Give them what they want!

When I design websites for commercial photographers, architects, interior designers, and builders, I tie every single page to the "Contact" page. That is where we want people to end up to "Take Action" on your website.

So at the end of every single web page, you need a clear way for people to get started with you. They’re not going to hire you today. They just want to see if you’re maybe, possibly, the right fit for their needs.

So use works like: "Here is how to take the first step in working with us, get a proposal, request a phone call, or schedule a meeting". 

On the home page of your website, you need to account for these 3 areas:

  1. Explain clearly what you do so people aren't confused

  2. Tell people why you can clearly tackle the problems they are having and take care of their worries

  3. Tell them how to take the very first step, the easiest step in order to see if your business is the right fit for your clients 

Do this, and you will already top 95% of your competitors. Because no one in the industries of architecture, interior design, custom home building, or commercial photography do this. They just take pretty pictures of their work, but don’t give clients any context or meaning.

After all, your clients are worried if you will actually solve their problems and do it professionally. So clearly showcase that you can by addressing their fears.