The Most Important Analytics Tool for your website

You already know about Google Analytics, but the most important metric to track on your website is Conversions. 

Conversions tell you if your website is doing what it needs to do, which is to attract as many leads, inquiries, questions, appointment schedules and purchases as possible. 

Your Analytics tell you which pages on your website are the least effective, which pages are most effective, and where to tune things up. 

If you use Squarespace for your website, the most important tool to track daily or weekly is the "Form & Button Conversions" tool.

You can find this tool if you have a Squarespace "Business Plan" under Analytics > Form & Button Conversions.

This tool gives you a very fast and effective look at what people are engaging with on your website when it comes to filling out Forms or clicking Buttons.

For instance, from my own website you can see how many people have viewed my Contact page of my website (139), how many people who submitted a contact form (25), and what the conversion rate is (17.99%). The higher the conversion rate, the better. Note that this does not include phone calls or emails. This is only the number of people who filled out the form on your website. So if people are calling you or emailing you, the conversion rate is even higher. 

When you are just getting started, a conversion rate of about 1% is a great start. So for every 100 visitors to your website, you should be getting 1 form submission or lead. Over months and weeks, you want to see those number go as high as possible by making small improvements to your website page flow, the text you use, the simplicity of your overall website design, and lots of other optimizations. 

Is your website bringing you leads? Are people filling out your website contact forms, downloading PDFs from a pop-up, or purchasing from your website?  Do you have a conversion rate that is higher than 1%? 

If not, here are some things to consider:

  1. Make it clear what people should do on your website. Should they request a quote, download a pricing PDF, schedule an appointment, or inquire for a free sample?
  2. Simplify your website page structure. Websites with too many pages are distracting. You should only be highlighting about 3-5 pages at the Top Navigation on your website, with one of them being the primary Call To Action that someone needs to take in order to "Get Started" with you.
  3. Give people instructions or a process of what to expect. A simple contact page doesn't lead people to take action if you simply say "Contact" with your email, phone number and a basic contact form. Tell people why they should get in touch with you, with a simple 3-step process, such as: Step 1) Fill out an appointment form, Step 2) We'll give you a call within 24 hours, Step 3) We will craft a customized plan for you.

Increasing your website conversions is not difficult. It just takes a few simple tweaks and refinements, and you will see your conversions go up quickly.