The 3 Most Important Things Your Interior Design, Architecture or Construction Website Should Have

Most architects, interior designers, photographers and other professionals showcase just their portfolio or services. But that’s not enough to drive new leads on your website.

You must establish a specific niche that clearly targets your ideal kind of clients. The ones you enjoy working with, and the ones you know how to service really well. 

Instead of just using beautiful pictures, your website needs these to display these 3 most important pieces of information:

  1. What is your market niche and primary service? If you're an Architect, is your best selling service designing mid-rise buildings in Seattle? If you're an Interior Designer, do you specialize in elaborate Master Bedroom spaces in Texas? If you're a Photographer, do your best clients come from commercial photography for law firms in Chicago? Establishing a clear niche helps you target your best clients, and they'll respond to your website immediately because you're a 100% match to their needs.

  2. Why will your specific niche help solve your client's problems? Clients are looking to solve problems and experience progress. How do your services specifically address your client's concerns? Will your interior design services save your clients tons of money? Will your architectural services address the complex zoning laws of New York? Will your construction company get the project done on time no matter what it takes? What is the unique offering you have that no other firm in your industry can accomplish the way you can? 

  3. How can your clients easily take the first step in working with you? Your website needs to be the very first interaction clients take with you. And it needs to be so darn simple, they'll practically stumble into it because it requires very little effort. Clearly show how clients can make the first step towards potentially work with you, either by providing a free consult, a free meeting, by filling out a project questionnaire, or by requesting a proposal. Make this "Call To Action" so easy to find, that it's on every single page as clickable, rectangular button. 

If you have these 3 things on your website, you'll already be ahead of 80% of interior designers, architects, photographers or other professional business in your industry
Most creative businesses don't make these things clear on their website. And they're losing business because of it.