Squarespace & GDPR

Squarepace has always made it easier for small business owners to keep up with technology updates. They tend to take care of all the details, like making websites SSL/HTTPS secure, integrating mobile responsive design into their templates, and ensuring the platform doesn't break.

With the GDPR changes coming at the end of May 2018, the main thing you need to be aware of is this:

If people from the European Union go on your website, you can't collect their info unless you ask for explicit permission from them. It has to be super obvious that if they are signing up for a newsletter that you will be using their email address or other information fairly, appropriately, without being sneaky. 

The main thing Squarespace recommends you do is create a Privacy Policy for your website. Instead of making this up from scratch, it will be best to make your own template and edit the details with your own company info. For instance, do a Google Search for "GDPR Privacy Policy Template for Websites."

Here is what Squarespace recommends you do as well: 

  1. Create or update your privacy policy on your website
  2. Let people know what you are collecting, like cookie data from Google Analytics or email addresses from Mailchimp
  3. What you will do with that information, like look at analytical data or use it for email marketing

Learn more at Squarespace's website here.