Squarespace For Wedding Photographers

Is Squarespace the right platform for a wedding photographer?

I’ve designed hundreds of websites for photographers, and most of them are wedding photographers.

What they do is store their clients photos with https://pixieset.com/ (because it works great), but focus their Portfolio & Blog on Squarespace, because it’s so easy to use and mange.

And my clients who do wedding photography get great SEO value as well, so the old adage “You can only go with WordPress” is no longer true. Google changed all their algorithms to focus on value-based keyword content, instead of keyword cramming.

The most important elements of your wedding photography should be:

  • Capture emails as much as possible - don’t leave it to just a simple “Contact” page where you loosely call people to action. Capture their email.

  • Offer something of value for free, like a Pricing PDF Download, or a style guide, or recommended best venues for wedding photography.

  • Guide them in a step-be-step process. Hold their hand every step of the way on your website. Don’t have them guessing what they should do on your website.

  • Home, Portfolio, Pricing & Contact are the only pages that matter. All the other pages and clutter can be saved for round 2 when clients come back a second time to look more closely. But on the first visit, most people only look at 3 pages, so make those 3 pages filled with your absolute best work.

Your website is your most important sales tool for your business, so it really counts towards growing your business. Get in touch with your questions about how to make your website and email marketing more effective.