Should I Use Squarespace or Wordpress?

Choosing the right website platforms depends on what business you do, how much revenue you bring in, and how much your business depends on a custom websites.

Put simply, here are the differences between these two platforms:

WordPress is for businesses who need full customization to match their business’s unique requirements, like a fully custom Ecommerce shop, or a fully interactive survey website, or software company that is interested in extensive website customization. WordPress gives your web developer the ability to create custom plugins and unique experiences that larger businesses (who have thousands of customers) need in order to grow their business.

Squarespace is ideal for small professional businesses, like for architects, interior designers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, accountants or photographers, who need a professional website, but do not need high levels of custom web development. This keeps your business website costs low while still having a beautiful, effective website for your business.

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