Should I Use Google Adwords to Promote My Web Design Business?

I have found great experience using Adwords to add 1-2 extra clients per month to my workflow. The important things to think about for Adwords are:

  1. Use keywords that will relate to your customer base and interest. For instance, my style is "minimalist" so I use a lot of keywords like "Minimalist web designer" and "minimalist branding" 
  2. Use negative keywords. I block keywords like free, cheap, and inexpensive so that I am not getting bad leads and wasting money
  3. Focus on demographics to spend less money. If you want local leads, then target only specific cities or states to reduce the amount you spend. 
  4. Make sure your website captures email addresses and leads. The majority of people will look at your site and leave if there is not a clear "Call To Action" so make sure that is set up well before setting up Google Ads.