Is Squarespace A Good Platform For Architects?

Here's the short answer: Absolutely. 

I've designed numerous of websites for Architects on Squarespace, and they have all been extremely successful. 

First, the aesthetic of Squarespace is perfect for architects. It's clean, minimalist, and has an architectural feel. 

Second, most architecture forms only need the ability to post images, text, and PDF documents for blueprints or printable catalogs of their work, all of which Squarespace does extremely well with.

Third, it is incredible easy to add new projects to. As a new project is complete, simply hire a decent photographer to document the final product, and upload the new project to the website. Squarespace is easier to manage than a Mircosoft Word document. 

Below, are select projects I have built for architects and home builders with Squarespace. These projects have been some of my most successful and enjoyable work to date. 

To help you get started, I offer Squarespace courses to help you or an employee build the site from scratch. Or, you can have a fully custom project built by myself personally. Simply get in touch with me here.

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