Ideas for Effective Ways To Capture Email Addresses with Call To Actions

Collecting email addresses is the most important marketing goal your business should have. That is because Return on Investment is the highest of any online marketing method. And more people have an email address than a Facebook or Instagram account. 

When collecting your email addresses, your "Call To Action" needs to be something unique, compelling and worthwhile for anyone who goes on your website. What I've learned is that you must constantly think of new ideas to capture more emails by different creative methods in order to figure out what clicks with your audience. 

It's also good to save as many of those email capturing ideas as possible, and use them in a variety of ways over time. There are a ton of creative things you can do, for instance:

- A Checklist PDF download
- A free video course
- A free email course
- A free trial or sample
- A free phone call consultation, quote or pricin
- A free e-book in PDF form
- Exclusive access to some sort of membership

The possibilities are endless, and creative unique ideas work better than traditional, boring and repetitive incentives such as:
- Sign up for our free newsletter
- Get 15% off your next order

Capturing emails should be the number one purpose of your website. If people are not submitting their email address on your website, then you are likely not using your website effectively.