How to create an effective sales funnel

Your website is just 1 step in the process to capture leads, clients & customers. But most business owners that create a website for themselves often turn their website into a dead-end. 

Creating a "Sales Funnel" simply means creating a way in which a bunch of targeted people are led towards an end goal, which is usually to purchase the product or service you offer that meets a need in the marketplace.

Here are the 4 main steps you must address in order to create an effective Sales Funnel:

1. Drive people to your website
There are hundreds of ways to do this, such as word-of-mouth referrals, business cards, door-to-door flyers, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter ads, SEO & blogging, and other third-party referral websites that bring people directly to your website. Don't try to do all of these marketing methods at once. Instead, pick 2 or 3 that seem the most appropriate for the audience you are trying to capture. If you know who your typical customer is, then it's easier to figure out which method will work best for your business.

2. Clearly create a call to action on your website with email sign ups or contact forms
This is a big one that business owners glaze over, but is crucial. Your website must effectively capture email addresses through a subscription sign-up box, a contact form, a pop-up, chat/messaging box or other interactive feature. These "Call To Action" boxes must be super obvious on each page of your website and must direct your visitor to take action. The sales funnel on your website is not necessarily a call to buy something right away, but instead should lead a visitor to "take the first step" towards becoming a customer or client. 

3. Send out weekly email marketing
Another thing that business owners often shy away from is regular email marketing. However, studies consistently show that it is the highest-converting marketing method available to small businesses. If you fail to send regular email marketing to your list of email contacts, then you'll fail to grow your business in 2018. Your emails don't have to be amazing or fancy. You simply need to do it, practice it, and learn how to get better at doing it over time. Email marketing is a great way to build trust with your audience, show how your product or service is valuable, and gives people the opportunity to ask questions or engage with you directly. If you don't do weekly email marketing, your business will likely stagnate. 

4. Call people to action back on your website, or with an email or phone call
Studies also show that people need at least 7 or more moments of exposure to your brand before they are willing to purchase. That's because people need time to consider their options, compare prices, gather feedback, look at reviews online, or wait until they feel your brand is trustworthy. So once you start doing regular marketing on a blog, email newsletter, social media, or direct mail marketing, you should be prepared to lead people towards taking action. And that's often the most effective with an email marketing "Call To Action." That means pointing them back to your website to purchase an item, or inviting them to call you or email you to get started with your services.

These are the 4 main steps of using marketing, websites and email campaigns to grow your business online and create a Sales Funnel. In 2018, if your business relies on internet traffic, then organizing your marketing with these 4 steps is absolutely crucial.