Here's Why Your Photography Website Isn't Working

Most photographers copy other photographer's websites, and so they all end up looking the same. But most photography websites just sit online and do nothing for their business. Your website may not be driving enough leads because it is missing some really important elements in order to work effectively. 

Here are 4 ways to make your Photography website much better:

1 Make a clear call to action for people to ask for pricing or to book a session
Having a basic "Contact" page isn't enough. You must tell your visitors what to do in clear way. For instance, "Get Pricing Now" or "Book Your Session" is a much more clear Call To Action and leads visitors to do something on your site. Simply saying to "Get In Touch" makes your visitors have to think too hard about what they should say to you. If you give them directions, such as "Fill out this form to get pricing" or "Fill out this form to schedule your photo shoot" then they are more likely to fill out the form and get started with you. Ask your visitor to take the next step.

2 Blog on useful topics for your clientele
Most photographers have a bunch of blog posts on their most recent work. While this is helpful to show people that you are actively working as a Photographer, it's not much more valuable other than that. Instead, blog on topics such as "Here are the best 5 spots in Waco, Texas to get great family photography" or "Here is a free checklist on how to get your kids prepared for your upcoming family photoshoot." This is information that your clientele will actually find valuable and is more likely to read. Great photos are important, but you must pair it with very useful information to your ideal client. 

3 Capture email addresses with a PDF download or Checklist
This is a huge mistake that most Photographers and all other business owners make. They don't use their website as a way to capture email addresses. So, instead, their website sits online and does nothing for their business. It ends up being a dead-end. The most important thing you can do with your website is to capture email addresses, and there are so many ways to do this. You can offer a free "Pricing Sheet" PDF download, or a free "Fashion Shoot Checklist" download, or "How To Prep For Your Photoshoot" PDF download. There are so many creative things you can do to collect email addresses. But the worst is "Sign up for our newsletter." Nobody fills that out, and it doesn't do anything to help your business. Get creative with how you collect email addresses.

4 Show only your best photography, not all of your photography
A big mistake photographers do is just pile on thousands of photos on their website. No one is going to look through all of them. Instead, just show the 20 or 40 photos that people say "Wow" or "I love this one so much" or "I want my photoshoot to look just like this." If you show only your best photos, people are more likely to get in touch with you for the quality of the work you show. So don't just show every single photo you've ever taken. Just show your best work.