Here's Why You Should Not Hire An SEO Company For Your Website

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SEO is a buzz word that a lot of business people hear about, but don't quite understand.

Even worse, SEO companies around the world take advantage of this trendy topic and sell streamlined services for thousands of dollars that provide the client little to no value. 

Here is what most SEO companies do:

  1. They do an audit of your website with an automatic tool
  2. The tool spits out almost the same exact suggestions for every website in the world 
  3. This audit is way out of date. The SEO that Google looks for in 2018 is almost 100% different than it was 5 years ago. But these audits-style SEO consultations are over 5 years old.
  4. The SEO company doesn't even do any work! All they do is spit out a PDF document that you are supposed to understand and follow, or hire a web developer to implement. To the average business person, all the garbage data they give you makes absolutely no sense. 
  5. You get left with a totally useless SEO audit.

As a business owner, you should understand what SEO is and how it really works. 

Here is what you should know & what Google cares about in 2018 for SEO:

  1. You should be blogging weekly, at least, on high-quality useful topics that will make people's lives better and that you have specific expert knowledge on. Posting blogs daily is even better.
  2. You should use a website that has up-to-date technology. My personal favorite is Squarespace.
  3. Your website should be mobile & tablet responsive (which Squarespace is).
  4. Your website should be secure with SSL certification (which comes free on Squarespace - with a platform like WordPress, it's an extra $100 USD plus developer fees, which can range from $150 USD to $1000 in set-up fees).
  5. You should make images that people will want to pin on Pinterest for extra SEO value. 
  6. Add your website to the Google Index with Google Webmaster Tools at

There are a few more things than this, but if you get these 6 things down, you'll be off to a better start than 90% of the websites out there in the world. 

SEO companies are out there to make easy money - and they do every day. Don't fall for their fees and schemes. Instead, write your own blogs daily on a platform like Squarespace.