Here's why simplifying your website home page is important

Minimalist websites don't just look good and trendy. They function well for business. That's because a simple home page design clearly communicates your business message, tells visitors what action to take on your website. A simple website also loads faster and is preferable by Google for indexing in their Search results for SEO.  

Aside from aesthetics, here are 3 reasons why a simple home page for your website is important for your business.


1 | Faster Loading Time

In 2018, one of the most important things Google will be looking at is page loading, especially on mobile. Google requires that websites should load within 3 seconds or less on mobile in order to be ranked higher in Google Searches. According to their data, over 50% of website visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That's because people think their time is wasted on a slow website, when they can likely just go to another website that might load faster and be more worth their time. The more complicated your home page is, with lots of photos scrolling and moving all over the place, the more likely people will leave your site. It doesn't matter how cool the website looks. It just matters that it loads quickly. That's why a minimalist home page for your website is so important. 


2 | Most people wont read all of the text, anyways

People only spend about 5-10 seconds on the first page of a website they visit for the very first time. So if your home page is not super clear, super simple, easy to read, and easy to understand, then they will leave and move on to your competitor's website.

There are only 3 things your website's home page should address clearly:

a) What is your website about? This should be in less than 5 words. Not a paragraph.
b) How does your website solve a problem I have? Visitors have problems they are trying to solve. If they don't think your website addresses their needs, then they will leave.
c) How do I take action? Do visitors need to book a call? Do they need to download a PDF? Fill out a contact form? The call to action is super important. If you don't make it clear what to do on your site, then people will leave out of confusion.

Everything else on your home page should be about experience, value and design. So a beautiful photo helps, or maybe a customer review, or information about a free, helpful PDF download. Your website is a visitor's first impression, so it must absolutely be your best position on your website.


3 | Google no longer cares about SEO on the home page

In order to make the internet a more enjoyable place to find content, Google cares more about good, quality content. Not keyword stuffing. In the 2000s, Google allowed people to keyword stuff (putting tons and tons of text) on their home page. Today, Google ranks almost no pages on your home page. Instead, they want you to focus on getting your marketing message across, with more valuable text and images in other pages. So your home page should focus clearly on your website's purpose, and not on cluttering keywords. Make your website beautiful, interesting and helpful. That is what helps get your website ranked high in 2018.