Here's Why Blogging Matters For Your Business

For most of my clients, blogging is hard, boring or unimportant.  But blogging can be one of the most effective tools to build your brand online. And it doesn't need to take much of your time. 

In fact, all you really need on your website is a simple blog, and about 5 or 10 minutes per week to write a single blog post. You don't have to publish it right away, and you can let it sit on your blog website as a "Draft" until you've refined it a few times. 

Here's why blogging is important for your business.

1. When a visitor views your website for the first time, they are more likely to see you as trustworthy if you have an interesting, engaging, fun or helpful business blog. A blog can quickly show you are actively involved in your field of expertise, especially if you are regularly writing every week or so.

2. Over time, you can build a lot of natural SEO value that Google will pick up. Even after just a few months of blogging, many of my clients see thousands of extra views per month simply from Google Searches that end up leading to their website through regular blogging. When you write about lots of different, specific topics related to your precise industry, it isn't too hard to show up high within hundreds of different keyword searches. Specific, niche markets have a lot of opportunity to be found on Google.

3. It's an important way to capture email addresses to build an email list. Over time, you'll have a much larger potential customer or client base because they've been at least somewhat engaged in the content you've provided. Companies with a blog that provide regular, valuable information are much more likely to see visitors sign up with their email through a website's "Call To Action."

Here's how to blog effectively.

1. Short blogs are okay. Even one or two paragraphs is plenty. Most people wont read the whole thing anyways. They'll simply skim. Over time, if your blogs get better and better, you'll more likely have a decent-sized group of people who are willing to read longer blog posts because you've slowly provided lots of small pieces of information over time. 

2. Your blogs should come from a place that you are passionate about. Blogs don't need to be boring. And they should not feel like a chore. Even if every blog post is not related directly to the products or services you offer, your blog posts should contain topics that excite you enough that you feel motivate to write about and share them with other people. 

3. Blog posts should provide valuable, helpful and important information. Most people think of blogs as places where weird people express their bizarre or obnoxious opinions. But it can also be a place where other peoples' lives are improved, because you are spending time to share valuable information that you've learned from your own life experiences. And people all over the world are truly hurting because of lack of proper educational content, and lacking the proper tools to live life well. Your blog has great potential to actually make the world a better place by writing about things you deeply believe are helpful to others. 

4. Get in the habit of writing & practice regularly. No blog post is perfect, no blog needs to be perfect, and writing over time is simply a skill you'll always get better at. But don't be afraid that your writing won't ever be turned into a published book or novel. What's great about publishing on the internet is that you can always go back and make edits later. So get something up, publish it, and come back later and edit the blog post to improve it over time. Most likely, very few people will read the first posts anyways. But at the least, you can use the internet as an opportunity to learn how to write and get your writing in front of new eyes. 

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