Here Are 3 Steps To Create Quality SEO Keywords For Your Website

While SEO is only one way to market your website, it can often be one of the most effective ways to drive quality traffic to your business.

What I have found with most small businesses, is that the best way to drive quality traffic is to use specific, niche keywords that clearly target your highest-converting customers. 

For instance, let's say you are an Architect that designs residential homes in the Seattle area. While most architects would simply use the term "Seattle Architect" as their primary description of their business, you want to get as specific as possible by using phrases like: "Custom Home Architect in Seattle", "Residential Architect in Bellmead", or "Modern Home Designer in Kirkland, WA."

Or if you are a Wedding Photographer in Southern California, you are likely competing with hundreds of other photographers and will have a hard time ranking high in Google Search. You'll be more easily found if you focus on specific venues in California that you specialize in, such as "Pelican Hill Newport Coast Wedding Photography" or "Montage Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer." This way, when a wedding couple is thinking of booking a venue at a specific hotel, they can find examples of work you have done at the same exact spot, and you're more likely to show up high in a Google Search result in a very specific keyword search.

While fewer people would type those phrases into Google, you are more likely to have a very high lead conversion rate when those phrases are searched for.

When writing SEO for your website, there are just 3 important techniques to focus on:

1. Focus on niche keywords specific to your business.
For Google searches, it is more important to be very specific than too generic. Think of the very specific words and phrases that apply to your business, such as cities or regions, the style of work you do, and the sub-niche services you offer. There is no right or wrong combination or keywords, as long as you use a variety of them throughout your website and in different ways. 

2. Write about things your clients or customers regularly ask about.
One of the easiest ways to create content on your website or blog is by publicly addressing the questions and concerns of your clientele. For instance, if you are an interior designer in New York, you could write on topics such as the specific laws and codes for interior design projects Queens, or the best interior design showrooms to visit in Brooklyn, or custom cabinet makers you like working with best in Manhattan. Each topic should be very specific and address real problems that your customers have faced. This way, you'll be building pages for SEO that will naturally be found on Google and quickly target high quality leads. 

3. Continue to write about new topics and build even more content.
The worst way to approach SEO marketing is by relying on just a few keyword concepts. Instead, make it a habit to write a regular blog or create new web pages that focus on a variety of specific services, techniques or ideas that relate to your services and products. Over time, you will naturally build up lots of web pages that will all be indexed separated by Google and each page will generate its own regularly-recurring visitors to your website.

Overall, focusing on specific niche topics is consistently the best way to develop high quality SEO content for your website. It can be done on your blog, on FAQ pages or on specific Portfolio pages of your website. Getting into the habit of creating these pages once per week can help you build up to thousands of new views per month, typically within about 3-6 months of consistent work. And web pages built for SEO can often bring you in leads for many more additional months after that. 

I hope this information has been helpful to know for your business! If you have any specific questions about creating SEO content for your website, feel free to get in touch at any time!