Does Squarespace Work Well For Interior Designers?

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Squarespace works perfect for creative businesses that need to showcase their photography and work in a clean, professional way. Interior Design is one of the best industries that work well on Squarespace, because interior designers primarily need to showcase their Portfolio images in galleries, and generally only need a simple Services page, Blog, About, Contact, and Home page. And that is exactly how Squarespace is intent to work. 

I've designed over 50 websites for Interior Designers on Squarepace. And my clients absolutely love how easy it is for them to add new projects, images, and write text on their website. And blogging is incredibly simple on Squarespace as well, which motivates my clients by allowing them to post their ideas, latest projects, and advice to their own customers & clients at any time, on their own schedule.

Below are a few examples of interior design websites I have designed for clients. Because Squarespace is such a client-friendly platform, many of these interior designers have been able to manage and grow their online website marketing on their own, without needing to contact me or another website designer for simple changes. 


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