5 Reasons Emails Should Be Your Top Marketing Tool

Most small businesses owners are timid about email marketing. When I ask my clients why they're not interested in doing email marketing, they typically say these three reasons:

  • I feel like I'm spamming my audience.
  • I don't know what to write about. 
  • It takes up too much time & I don't see the value. 

However, most business owners feel like they should do Social Media marketing - mostly because everyone else talks about it, and it's all over the internet. But Social Media Marketing is the lowest "Return On Investment" marketing you can do online. It takes up a ton of energy. And most likely, your ideal clients are not hanging out on social media. 

If you focus on high-end services, or specialized products, your best marketing tool will be email marketing. That is because people take Email more seriously than Social Media. Over 90% of U.S. citizens use email on a daily basis, while less than 50% of Americans have a Facebook account, and even fewer have an Instagram account. Simply put, email marketing is far more effecient. 

Here are 5 reasons email marketing should be your priority when it comes to online marketing:

Email has the highest ROI of any online marketing
On social media, people are constantly forgetting who you are unless you post daily. But with email, people will save an email and come back to it later if they're interested. People who sign up for an Email Marketing newsletter are much more intentional than simply hitting "Like" on an Instagram page. It is proven to yield the highest ROI of any marketing method online. It's more effective than Google or Facebook Ads, higher than Social Media, and higher than even SEO integration.

Your clientele are more likely to see you as an industry authority
When you post a blog or email newsletter regularly, it shows your clientele that you are serious about your job. When you take the time to write and explain complex issues in a simple way, your customers may not read all of it, but they will take you more seriously. They will see you as more devoted to your work.

It's easier for your clientele to get in touch with you
Because email is the most used online communication tool in the world, far above social media, it makes it easier for your clientele to reach out. They can respond directly to you via email, or click a button that goes straight to your website. It's as if your office or store front is just a "click" away. And because more people use email than they do social media, you are reaching your largest possible audience with email marketing.

You can re-use email marketing as blogs, PDFs, and grow your SEO visibility
Email Marketing is highly effective, because it can start as your primary tool for communication, and then be duplicated on your website blog, downloadable PDFs, internal documentation and communications, and used for social media posts as well. With just one article, you can use it over and over again, especially as clients and customers have questions for you in the future. Instead of re-inventing the wheel every time you get the same question, you have a framework for communicating with future clientele.

It's an easy reminder for your clientele that you still exist
Above all, email marketing helps people remember you exist. Without a consistent marketing method, people will forget you over time. That's why Coca-Cola spends so much money on billboards and advertising. They never want you to forget their brand still exists. And studies prove that simply "exposing" your brand helps people be more likely to want to do work with you. Other people just need to know you exist. Even if no one actually reads your emails, your email Subject Lines can be a quick reminder that you are still in business and working hard. 

How Often You Should Send Email Marketing With Mailchimp

Most small businesses are scared to send out regular email marketing to their clients and customers. But it is the most important way to drive new business back to your website, being more important than Social Media & online advertising. Don't be afraid if you're email marketing isn't that good at first, or that people might unsubscribe. It's more important that you continue to practice and send out email marketing at least once per week. 

If you're a small business, using Mailchimp.com is the best way to get started because it is so easy to use and learn, as long as you understand the basic principals of email marketing.