Best Business Books For Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Photographers

As we head into the holidays, you might finally get some time to read some good books (about business, of course)! 

In the last year, I've read some incredible business books that I wanted to share with you. Below are my top three picks for your own business.

If I can recommend just 1 that you read before the end of the year, it would be: 

No. 1 The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. 
This book is about how to focus on your core business strengths and find clients within a very specific niche that you thrive in. Companies like Apple, UPS, and Starbucks thrive because they solve only a couple of very specific problems to a certain kind of customer. The businesses which try to do too much get stuck in managing too many processes, trying to learn too many skills (something I always struggle with personally - too many ideas, and too many interests!)

If you have time for two more books, these would be the next I would recommend you read before the end of the year (or, save some time and listen to them in the Audiobook format). 

No. 2 Building A Storybrand by Donald Miller
If you struggle to explain to clients about what you do, this book is about helping you figure out how to clearly communicate what your business does so that people don't leave your website. Often times, business owners forget how to explain to the common person about what their business does. This book will help you figure out how to think like your clients do, so you can communicate more clearly and simply. 

No. 3 The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
This one I wish I read along time ago - I bought it in 2012 and forgot to ready it! Big mistake. This one is about developing a clear, repeatable process that saves you time and perfects your business model. 

My passion is to help creative businesses grow their own business through beautiful website design and effective marketing. If your website focuses on what your top service is, who your top clients are, clearly explaining your services and process, and having a seamless process to back up your deliverables, I believe you will certainly improve the growth of your business in 2019. 

I hope these books will help your business in 2019! Just read one of them!