4 Methods for the Best SEO Integration For Interior Design Firms

SEO integration sounds tedious. And it is, if you get hung up in all the details you hear about SEO.

SEO just means how Google finds you for a google keyword search. Just go to www.google.com and do a search for “interior design firms” and whatever shows up is basically what SEO is.

If you do SEO right, it can actually be fun and not feel like a big, boring project.

That is because the best way to SEO for your interior design business is to provide valuable content for your ideal clients, based on the skills, knowledge and interests you have as a business owner.

For SEO, the most effective way to do it with the following 4-step process:

1. Remember your lead’s first questions during the sales process. Figure out what your best customers typically ask before they become a client of your.  What questions do they have when first arriving? What worries them about moving forward with your design services? Why did they choose you over someone else?

2. Write about it on a blog. Once you figure out those initial questions your best clients asked in the past, develop content on your website to address those common client questions. It's best to set up a blog and address one question or topic per blog post. This way, Google can easily pick it up on your website and catalog topics with 1 topic at a time. That means you’ll get more visibility in Google overtime.  Write content typically once per week, or as often as you enjoy doing it. And you can keep it super short if you want. Just keep writing!

3. Offer some kind of free offering on your website. This part is important. Because even if you get traffic to your website through SEO (Google keyword searches), if they take no action on your website, it ends up being a total bust. Your free offering could be anything: A downloadable PDF checklist, a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer questions, a free in-studio consultation, or anything else you think is worth offering that wont suck up too much of your time! The goal is to collect email addresses from your website to then follow-up with more valuable content. 

4. Follow up with email marketing and more blog posts. Continue the process over and over and build a collection of email addresses to them continue to give new content, and offer valuable info until new clients trust you as the best interior design business in your area to go to. After all, people listen to others who offer valuable information, not create meaningless noice. Think of the leading people in certain industries. They offer valuable insights to others - for free. On TV, the radio, podcasts, blogs, books and more. Start becoming an expert in your field and give your insights away for free. People will start seeing you as an authority and want to work with you.

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