4 Elements Your Website Home Page Should Have

On average, about 50% of your customers or clients will look at your home page, and then leave. Often times, your customers are comparing you to 5 of your competitors in order to figure out which business is right for them. They quickly look at your home page, scan everything for just a few seconds, and then leave your website if it's not clear that your business offering services that match what they're looking for. 

That's why perfecting the home page of your website is so important. Your website's home page is the make-or-break moment that determines if visitors will view other pages and eventually take some sort of action on your website.

Here are the 4 elements your website Home Page must have in order to be effective

1   |  Show The Most Popular Example Of Your Work
I've worked with a lot of great clients who have tons of incredible work building custom homes, creating interior spaces, or taking photographs for special events. But there is always just one or two examples of your work that everyone talks about & everyone loves. You'll figure this out my talking with clients and customers over the phone or at your office. Listen to what people say they like as examples to help inform which photos you should be showcasing on your home page. For instance, the first 3 examples on my own website are the 3 most clients say the love and talk about often. You don't have to show every photo you have. In fact, the most effective websites only show their absolute best work and nothing else.

2   |  Clearly State Your Most Popular 1 or 2 Products Or Services
You might have 5 or 10 services you offer. But overwhelming people with every single service you can do on the home page will make it less clear about what you offer. And usually, people will come in for that main product or service you offer, and come back later as a repeat customer for other product offerings. For instance, most of my clients come to me for Website Design or Branding - which is the essential foundation of their online marketing - and later will do Email Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords or Social Media Marketing. But 90% of my clients are initially looking for help with a Website or Branding Design. You want to focus on your brand new customers and address the 1 or 2 most popular inquiries that people are always coming to you for.

3  |  Clearly State Why Your Product Or Service Solve's Your Customers Problem
Explaining why your product or service is valuable to your ideal customer or client is going to make it so much easier to connect with their values and goals. You'll discover this as well while talking with your clientele. Knowing why your customers need the product you offer will help you understand their goals or frustrations, and makes it easier to discuss how to solve those problems. For instance, most of my Clients are looking to "establish their business as a professional leader" as well as to have a strong, clean aesthetic that accurately conveys the quality of their own work. 

4   |  Lead People To Take The First Step Through a Contact Form
Most websites are dead ends. People visit a website and see no clear way to engage with the website to take the first step towards become a client. And most of your visitors are not going force their way through your website and figure out what they need to do. You need to make it really easy and clear how to use your website with as little effort on their part as possible. These "Calls To Action" make it easier to help your visitor take the next logical step towards becoming a paying customer or client. So instead of using vague action words like "Contact Us" or "Learn More", use language that has a more specific goal in mind, such as "Get A Free Quote Now" or "Schedule An Appointment" or "Visit Our Showroom" or "Download Our Pricing Sheet." These kinds of words help the visitor engage with a specific purpose that clearly shows what the next step should be. 

Making these simple changes to your website's home page can often double the amount of leads you get through your website, as long as you are already getting some traffic to your website in the first place. 

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