The 4 elements your website must have

The most successful websites are very simple and very focused. But most websites fail to clearly explain what their business does and how visitors can take action to get started with ordering a product or services.

All you really need on your website are 4 major elements in order to be effective.

1 | What is primary service or product you offer? 
While this seems obvious to include, most websites do not make it super clear what the business offers. This should be stated in as few words as possible. Ideally, no more than 7 words. Something simple like "Palm Springs Architectural Design Firm" works really well.

2 | Why is this product or service valuable to your clientele?
This is an opportunity to speak to a particular niche market that you work well with, and especially helps to explain why your products & services are helpful to achieve someone else's life goals or problems. This should also be in as few words as possible, somewhere around 7-14 words total. For instance, "We can help build the home of your dreams in Palm Springs."

3 | What is the first step someone needs to take to get started with your product or service?
Most websites use the typical "Contact" page. But this should instead be something that clearly explains the process someone would go through, such as: Schedule An Appointment." Other calls to action can include, Schedule A Call, Request A Meeting, Get Pricing, Request A Quote, Order Now, Buy Now, etc.

4 | If a visitor to your website is not ready to get started yet, what can you offer to help them make that decision?
This is almost always a simple form where someone can enter their email address to get access to something very low-key, such as: download a brochure in PDF format, a printable checklist, a pricing sheet, a free sample. An example might be, "Download your custom home planning checklist" - which adds value to someone who is in the process of thinking of building a custom home.

Most new visitors to a website spend no more than 1 or 2 minutes viewing web pages. So you have no time to waste in order to capture their interest and encourage them to take action on your website.

If you simply take care of these 4 items on your website, you will see an increase in leads on your website.