The 3 Most Important Things Your Interior Design, Architecture or Construction Website Should Have

Most architects, interior designers, photographers and other professionals showcase just their portfolio or services. But that’s not enough to drive new leads on your website.

You must establish a specific niche that clearly targets your ideal kind of clients. The ones you enjoy working with, and the ones you know how to service really well. 

Instead of just using beautiful pictures, your website needs these to display these 3 most important pieces of information:

  1. What is your market niche and primary service? If you're an Architect, is your best selling service designing mid-rise buildings in Seattle? If you're an Interior Designer, do you specialize in elaborate Master Bedroom spaces in Texas? If you're a Photographer, do your best clients come from commercial photography for law firms in Chicago? Establishing a clear niche helps you target your best clients, and they'll respond to your website immediately because you're a 100% match to their needs.

  2. Why will your specific niche help solve your client's problems? Clients are looking to solve problems and experience progress. How do your services specifically address your client's concerns? Will your interior design services save your clients tons of money? Will your architectural services address the complex zoning laws of New York? Will your construction company get the project done on time no matter what it takes? What is the unique offering you have that no other firm in your industry can accomplish the way you can? 

  3. How can your clients easily take the first step in working with you? Your website needs to be the very first interaction clients take with you. And it needs to be so darn simple, they'll practically stumble into it because it requires very little effort. Clearly show how clients can make the first step towards potentially work with you, either by providing a free consult, a free meeting, by filling out a project questionnaire, or by requesting a proposal. Make this "Call To Action" so easy to find, that it's on every single page as clickable, rectangular button. 

If you have these 3 things on your website, you'll already be ahead of 80% of interior designers, architects, photographers or other professional business in your industry
Most creative businesses don't make these things clear on their website. And they're losing business because of it.

The most important pages and content for Architecture, Interior Design, Builders & Photography Websites

You are trying to plan for your website, right? Because every business needs a website to display their most professional work.

I have you covered.

The three most important pages on your website are:

  • The home page

  • Your portfolio

  • Your contact page

Why? Because that’s what your clients want to see. They want to see your work, and they want to see if you’re the right fit for their project.

95% of visitors look at these 3 pages only. The other pages are often skipped over. People are pressed for time. They want to make a decision on who to hire. And they’re looking at 5 or 10 of your competitors. Give them what they want!

When I design websites for commercial photographers, architects, interior designers, and builders, I tie every single page to the "Contact" page. That is where we want people to end up to "Take Action" on your website.

So at the end of every single web page, you need a clear way for people to get started with you. They’re not going to hire you today. They just want to see if you’re maybe, possibly, the right fit for their needs.

So use works like: "Here is how to take the first step in working with us, get a proposal, request a phone call, or schedule a meeting". 

On the home page of your website, you need to account for these 3 areas:

  1. Explain clearly what you do so people aren't confused

  2. Tell people why you can clearly tackle the problems they are having and take care of their worries

  3. Tell them how to take the very first step, the easiest step in order to see if your business is the right fit for your clients 

Do this, and you will already top 95% of your competitors. Because no one in the industries of architecture, interior design, custom home building, or commercial photography do this. They just take pretty pictures of their work, but don’t give clients any context or meaning.

After all, your clients are worried if you will actually solve their problems and do it professionally. So clearly showcase that you can by addressing their fears.

Using Google Analytics To Optimize Your Website

Google Analytics gives you incredible data to use to perfect your website. Here’s instructions on how to get started:

  1. Download Google Chrome at

  2. Add the Google Analytics Extension here.

  3. Make sure you have a Google Analytics account at

  4. Add the Google Analytics code to your website with instructions here.

Website design for wedding professionals

Is your website effectively capturing leads for your wedding photography, event planning, event facility, floral or other wedding service?

That’s the only important function of your website: capture leads.

But most business owners don’t know how to do that effectively.

Fill out the following form to schedule a free consultation for your wedding business.

Squarespace For Wedding Photographers

Is Squarespace the right platform for a wedding photographer?

I’ve designed hundreds of websites for photographers, and most of them are wedding photographers.

What they do is store their clients photos with (because it works great), but focus their Portfolio & Blog on Squarespace, because it’s so easy to use and mange.

And my clients who do wedding photography get great SEO value as well, so the old adage “You can only go with WordPress” is no longer true. Google changed all their algorithms to focus on value-based keyword content, instead of keyword cramming.

The most important elements of your wedding photography should be:

  • Capture emails as much as possible - don’t leave it to just a simple “Contact” page where you loosely call people to action. Capture their email.

  • Offer something of value for free, like a Pricing PDF Download, or a style guide, or recommended best venues for wedding photography.

  • Guide them in a step-be-step process. Hold their hand every step of the way on your website. Don’t have them guessing what they should do on your website.

  • Home, Portfolio, Pricing & Contact are the only pages that matter. All the other pages and clutter can be saved for round 2 when clients come back a second time to look more closely. But on the first visit, most people only look at 3 pages, so make those 3 pages filled with your absolute best work.

Your website is your most important sales tool for your business, so it really counts towards growing your business. Get in touch with your questions about how to make your website and email marketing more effective.