Website & Branding designer Assessment

Thanks for your interest in working with our company. We are a fast-paced web, graphic & online marketing business that is constantly working with new companies to help them start and grow their business. If you become a part of our team, you'll be assigned multiple projects and tasks at a time, on a day-to-day basis. 

You have 2 hours to complete this assignment. It does not need to be completed in full. We are mostly looking to see how you respond to tasks and work to stay focused, organized and prioritize your time effectively.

Project 1

You are working with an interior designer who doesn't yet have any text or images prepared for their website, but wants to get started on their website regardless. Here are your tasks:

  • Create a brand new website account in Squarespace at
  • Start with the "Pacific" template
  • Remove all default contact and start from scratch as much as possible
  • Create a one-page template layout for an interior designer who likes a "minimalist" aesthetic based on examples from our website at
  • Use place holder images from
  • Put text into the website that would be relevant to an Interior Designers starting their business. The interior designer is from Atlanta, Georgia and specializes in farmhouse modern design. Think of one or two taglines or sentences that would entice a homeowner to hire this interior designer.
  • Their company name is "Sarah Brooklyn Design" and they like black, grey, white and turquoise as their branding colors.
  • Focus on getting just 1 page done, but using text, images & mock hyperlinks that an interior designer could see to get an idea for what their website could look like.

Project 2

A vegan food company is looking to re-brand their company with a minimalist look. They are looking for a logo design that they can use to put on their website, social media, as well as print and other marketing material. While they do not want a typical "food" logo, and they would like 2 versions of their logo: One as a wordmark, and the other as a stand-alone icon or monogram they can use. Here are your tasks:

  • Create 3 different logo concepts
  • Each logo concept should have 1 wordmark design & 1 icon/graphical design
  • Create these logos in Adobe Illustrator and export to PDF in a way that is clean and presentable, that you would show to a client to get their feedback
  • The company name is "Whole Texas Organics" 

Project 3

A  winery from Northern California needs help with their marketing materials & branding. Because the wine industry is oversaturated and competitive, they need to figure out a better way to use text & copy to stand out from the competition and get people's attention. They sell Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, but struggle to find a way to continually use online marketing to brand their wine. Here are your tasks:

  • Create a social media post in Photoshop at 800px x 800px
  • Find a photo from related to Wine
  • Use text & graphics to create a clean, minimalist design
  • Create a 1-sentence sample copy the winery can use to rotated out photos
  • Use layers appropriately to organize everything
  • Create copy that a winery would want to use on their social media, blog, or newsletter posts (1 sentence only) that makes the wine sound high-end and exclusive and would make a visitor want to click on to bring people to their website

How to Begin & submit your work

  • Before you get started, send us an email of your "Start time" at and
  • Send updates, examples and ideas every 30 minutes via email
  • At the end of 2 hours, submit everything you have so far as-is. No need to send anything perfect. We want to see concepts and ideas, not final products.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this assessment
- Justin Page Wood