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You are a professional. Your years of hard work, education and craftsmanship should be displayed in the best way possible, so your clients and peers can easily remember why you’re a leader in your industry.

We design minimalist websites in Squarespace for professional companies in architecture, interior design, design/build, construction, and commercial photography. Get in touch today and we’ll answer your questions and make sure we’re the right design team for your your business.


Justin Page Wood  Owner & DesigneR

AShleigh godwin  DesigneR & Project manager

Jeremy Cole Richardson Designer

gwyneth black Designer

Justin has been professionally designing websites since 2010 while at his final year at Cal Poly Pomona for his Bachelors in Architecture. His aesthetic experience works well for architects, interior designers, builders, photographers & skilled professional service businesses. His also writes piano music and paints minimalist artwork at